School of Prophets LBU Prophecy Conference

Courses offered in the School of Prophets Conference December 2017

The Satanic Trinity

  • We will examine Satan, the ruler of this world, and how he dispatches evil angels to affect human government.
  • Examine how demonic oppression is prevalent today and will increase as we approach the end times.
  • Learn why Christians cannot control Satan, only God can.
  • Contrast the Satanic Trinity with the Holy Trinity.
  • This course will be taught by Dr. Jimmy DeYoung for the Masters or Doctorate program.

Prophetic Apologetics

  • Apologetics, in general, is the defense of Christianity against the objections and truth claims of competing non-Christian worldviews. Apologetics can also be more narrowly understood as a defense of a particular theological view.
  • This course will include an introduction to apologetics in the general sense, which in turn will lay the foundation for developing an apologetic approach to defending pre-tribulational premillennial dispensationalism as a system of theology.
  • This course will be taught by David James for the Masters or Doctorate program.