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The School of Prophets
Home School Program

The School of Prophets was founded by Dr. Jimmy DeYoung who began his over 40 year ministry of teaching Bible prophecy around the world, by teaching the rich, deep, and potentially complex book of Revelation to children.

Equipping the next generation with the truth of God’s prophetic Word has always been a part of his ministry, and he has put together the tools for you to train your students how to study Bible prophecy.

Let us give you a hand to draw your students into Studying Bible Prophecy

This course can be used as your Bible elective in Home Schooling, and through Louisiana Baptist University, can also be taken for college credit at the same time. The six courses which make up the School of Prophets Institute have been formatted for you use to teach the fundamentals of Bible prophecy to your students. The classes come with audio teaching, workbooks, and tests in easy to use digital formats.

Why You Should Be Teaching Bible Prophecy

  • The vast majority of churches today are not teaching Bible prophecy.
  • Having an accurate and fuller understanding of prophecy gives the Christian hope, and encourages a closer walk with God.
  • We are just one generation away from the world being without a voice for an accurate view of Bible prophecy.
  • Since you will be making decisions today that will affect tomorrow, you must know today what will happen tomorrow.
  • Everyone has a worldview, how we see and understand the events in our world today. Therefore we must have a proper biblical worldview to understand why our world is acting as it is today.

Why Your Student Should Study Bible Prophecy

  1. It is Profitable.
    • It comprises at least 25% of scripture.
    • 2 Timothy 2:15, 2 Timothy 3:16
  2. It is Proven.
    • There are over 1,000 prophecies in the Bible. Of those, 500 have been fulfilled. The fulfillment of the other 500 is just as sure as those that have already come to pass.
    • 2 Peter 1:19
  3. It is Practical.
    • Just as practical as discerning the daily weather.
    • Matthew 16:2-4
  4. It is Purifying.
    • Knowing that Christ can return at any moment makes every moment count.
    • 1 John 3:2-3
  5. It is Promised.
    • There will be an eternal reward for students of prophecy.
    • 2 Timothy 4:8, 1 Peter 5:1-4, Revelation 1:3

Example of what you will receive in our program

Sample of first class
Visit the sample page for our first class in this course.
There are six classes in total for the year of instruction. These classes were designed to be taken in the order they are presented here. Each one building on the foundation of the last.

Class 1 - Secrets to Understanding Bible Prophecy
Class 2 - Keys to Unlock Bible Prophecy
Class 3 - The Four Major Trends of Bible Prophecy
Class 4 - Daniel
Class 5 - Ezekiel
Class 6 - Revelation

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