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Sample of First Lesson

Welcome to the first class of the School of Prophets Institute, "Secrets to Understanding Bible Prophecy".

Each of the classes has its own webpage where you can listen to audio online, or download it to your computer or other device to listen to offline. There is also an on-screen outline to help you follow along.

When you have completed listening to all of the lessons, review your notes and prepare for the test. The test is linked at the bottom of this page. When you are ready, click that link and begin your test.

Once you have passed the test, you are ready for the next class.

Download the printable workbook
Step 1.
Download, print, and fill-out the follow-along workbook for this class.
Listen to each lesson
Step 2.
Visit the page for each of the lessons in this class, where you can listen to the audio online, or download the mp3, to listen to at your convenience.

Page for Lesson 1 - "The Period of Bible Prophecy"
Page for Lesson 2 - "The People of Bible Prophecy"
Page for Lesson 3 - "The Program of Bible Prophecy"
Check your workbook
Step 3.
Check your workbook against the answer key.
Take the Test
Step 4.
Take the test to pass the class.
You can download a copy of the test to help you review.