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Welcome to the School of Prophets Institute!

The Institute is a great place to dive into a greater understanding of Bible prophecy.

There are a total of six classes in the School of Prophets Institute. Each online class contains audio teaching as well as a downloadable follow-along workbook. After you have listened to the audio lessons; taken and studied your notes, you can take the test to see how well you have studied.

To get started, just click the “Enroll Now!” button, or to learn more, you can ask for “More Info”. If you have any questions, feel free to call or click - 8.PROPHECY.8 (877-674-3298) or

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1. Secrets to Understanding Bible Prophecy 2. Keys to Unlocking Biblical Prophecy 3. The Four Major Trends of Bible Prophecy
  • The People of Bible Prophecy
  • The Program of Bible
  • The Period of Bible Prophecy
  • A Special People - the Jews
  • A Special Place - Jerusalem
  • A Special Program - Judgment
  • Aliyah of the Jewish People
  • Alignment of the Nations
  • Anticipation for Peace
  • Arrangements for the Temple
4. The Daniel Papers 5. Ezekiel: Retribution or Restoration 6. Revelation
  • Daniel's Prophecy is Practical
  • Times of the Gentiles
  • The 70 Weeks of Daniel
  • Invasion from Outer Space
  • Alignment of the Nations
  • Ezekiel - A Foundation for Biblical Prophecy
  • Ezekiel - A Unique Man and Ministry
  • The Fall of Lucifer and His Angels
  • Dry Bones and Two Sticks the Nations
  • Islam and the Alignment of Nations
  • Esau and the Palestinians
  • Temples - Past, Prophetic, Present
  • Prelude to the Tribulation
  • Program of the Tribulation #1
  • Program of the Tribulation #2
  • Program of the Tribulation #3
  • Postlude of the Tribulation


Each Learning Unity contains self-pacing materials designed to introduce you to the basic Biblical themes indicated. The cost of this program is only forty dollars ($40.00) per Learning Unit. You may complete any or all of these Learning Units. While it is recommended that you do them in sequence, you may select them in any order.


Unless you wish to apply for University credit for this program of study, there is no official enrollment procedure. You may simply order these directly from the School of Prophecy.

By mail: School of Prophets, Post Office Box 2510, Chattanooga, TN 37409 By phone: (877) 674-3298