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BIB 593 Introduction to the Study of Bible Prophecy 3 Credits

Course Description - An introduction to the study of Bible prophecy.

Course Content

  1. Intro to Hermeneutics
  2. Intro to Dispensationalism
  3. Intro to the Human Family and Bible Prophecy
  4. Three Major Books of Bible Prophecy
  5. The Four Major Trends 1
  6. The Four Major Trends 2

Primary Resources

1. King James Bible
2. Interlinear Greek New Testament
3. Interlinear Hebrew Old Testament
4. Strong's Concordance

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Online Resources

Free Bible Study Resources

There are many places online that you can read and study God's Word.  Here are just a few of our favorites.*

Study the Bible Online (Website based)

These websites have multiple searchable Bible translations, commentaries, dictionaries, reading plans, and more.  You can search by keyword, reference, or topic. Dozens of English Bible Translations and commentaries. Many other languages also supported Many English Bible Translations, and see them all at once, verse-by-verse
Online Bible and Study Tools Multiple English Translations, Encyclopedias, Commentaries, Dictionaries, and more Many Bible Translations and Study Materials available

Bible Study Desktop Applications

These free apps for your desktop or laptop offer free search, Bible reading, and study materials in multiple English translations, as well as other languages.  No internet connection required after the initial download. Windows
Eloquent Eloquent Mac OS X The Sword Project Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, and Mobile

Bible Study Mobile Apps

These free apps for your phone, tablet, or mobile device offer free search and bible reading in multiple English translations, as well as other languages.  Many of the Bibles are available to download for offline reading.
Bible App
iOS, Android, Windows, Kindle Fire, Other Mobile OSes OliveTree
Bible Apps
iOS, Android, Windows, Mac OS X

Download Audio Bibles

Download the Bible in spoken word form to listen to on your computer, media player, phone, or other device.  This is a great way to enrich your commutes, exercise routine, or other downtime.   Multiple Translations available in audio MP3s. Download for offline listening.
Options include: Dramatized or not, with or without background music options for some translations.

Other Online Resources

Prophecy Today -

The Sanhedrin -

The Temple Institute in Jerusalem, Israel -

The Internet Archive - Text Archive Search - Millions of books that are now in the public domain, including many Study Bibles, Commentaries, Devotionals, etc. that are available for online reading or download.

Dallas Theological Seminary Library Rare Books -

Christian Classics Ethereal Library (CCEL) - a digital library of hundreds of classic Christian books.

Project Gutenberg: Free ebooks -

Strong's Concordance with Hebrew and Greek Lexicon -

Biblical History Maps -

Bible Timeline -

Bible Atlas -

Lee University - List of English Bible translations on online sources for them -

Internet Bible Catalog -

Thru the Bible Radio with J. Vernon McGee (full 5-year program available to download as mp3s)

Arutz Sheva - News out of Israel

The Jerusalem Post - News out of Israel

LibreOffice - Free, Legal, Safe, Cross-platform office suite -

* External pages are not maintained or controlled by the School of Prophets or Shofar Communications, Inc..
Inclusion on this page doesn't necessarily mean that everything on these sites is endorsed or supported by Shofar Communications, Inc..

But, of course, we do fully endorse the Bible itself.

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Grade: 100%

Weekly Paper - 7% each = 50%
Final Project = 25%
Final Examination = 25%


The Weekly Paper is due at the end of each week.
The Final Project is due at the beginning of the fifteenth week
The Final Examination is due at the end of the fifteenth week.

WEEK ONE: Intro to Hermeneutics

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WEEK TWO: Intro to Dispensationalism

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WEEK THREE: Intro to the Human Family and Bible Prophecy

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WEEK FOUR: Three Major Books of Bible Prophecy

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WEEK FIVE: The Four Major Trends 1

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WEEK SIX: The Four Major Trends 2

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FINAL PROJECT (25 percent)

FINAL EXAMINATION (25 percent) (Student may be exempt by maintaining an "A" average on deliverables and final project.)

The final examination will be open book and the questions used will be taken directly from the weekly Study Questions.  Due at the end of the fifteenth week.

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